Death Row Cowboy – Theatre

“The main reason for this production’s success is the talent behind its script. Lynch and McCabe have created a wonderfully rounded, but ultimately believable script. What Death Row Cowboy delivers is an excellent script, solid performances and a night of entertainment and suspense for its audience.”- The Public Reviews ★★★★

“Death Row Cowboy is performed to a high standard by a good cast, and the director (Gary Duggan) and stage managers have used their budget and their space very cleverly, and to their advantage, in particular when it comes to the setting. Well worth the time spent, and definitely one that creates a few talking points after the curtain has fallen.” – Entertainment .ie

“Naturally, Lynch and McCabe work very well together, and the play is at its best when inmates hang over balconies, singing, arguing and discussing life outside those county bars. A cage-like theatre space, this unique setting was made to host a project such as this.” – The Evening Herald

“There is something aurally appealing about hearing characters philosophize on heavy concepts in the southern drawl. It brings to mind the characters of Cormac McCarthy or more recently, Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle of ‘True Detective’. Juxtaposing these deep ideas with language that sounds blunt and even coarse gives it a raw quality not quite found in characters who speak with Shakespearean eloquence. An excellent script, mostly matched by the actors’ performances, means that Death Row Cowboy is a very successful production, both moving and insightful.”–

“The script offers depth and insight into the troubled mind of the young death row candidate, but remains a unique story of a tormented individual and stays away from trying to offer up a case study of a classic killer.”- Quality Waffle

“Given that the concept of the death penalty, and the cult around death row is so powerfully affecting, it is impossible to be unmoved by this piece.  Death Row Cowboy is a thought provoking piece that will bring a lump to the throat, an ache to the heart.” – LeCool Dublin

DRC Poster CourtyardDeath Row Cowboy 

In Jackson County, Oklahoma 18 year old Carl Brant dials 911 and calmly tells the operator he has just shot a police officer and his own mom. Five years on, Carl hears in his prison cell that a date has been set for his execution. For Hillary Reece, the police officer’s widow, the final chance to get some kind of
closure is quickly fading.

Dealing with themes of discovering identity, coping with loneliness, fighting deep rooted regrets, and ultimately searching for redemption to influence the legacy we all leave behind us.

Death Row Cowboy made its debut in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin in January 2014 and returned to the venue in August 2014.


  • Venue: Smock Alley Theatre
  • Dates: Mon Jan 27th – Sun Feb 1st
  • Duration: Approx. 90 mins. No interval
  • Directed by Charlie Bonner
  • Cast: Andrew Lynch, Mark McCabe, Jane McGrath, Liam Heffernan
  • Ensemble: Patrick Murphy, Clide Delaney, Shane Doherty
  • Crew: Shaun Lafferty (SM), Emma Coen (Producer), Grainne Lynch (Costume), Eoin Lennon (Sound)
John Richie
John Richie
Hillary Reece
Hillary Reece
Carl Brant
Carl Brant
Bobby Brewer
Bobby Brewer


  • Venue: Smock Alley Theatre
  • Dates: Mon Aug 11th – Sun Aug 23rd
  • Duration: Approx. 90 mins. No interval
  • Directed by Gary Duggan
  • Cast: Andrew Lynch, Mark McCabe, Clara Harte, Gerard Byrne
  • Ensemble: Edward Cosgrove, Brian O’Riordan, Stephen Murray
  • Crew: Bairbre Ní HAodha (SM), Tom Dowling (Producer), Grainne Lynch (Costume), Eoin Lennon (Sound)
Wicklow Gaol (26)
Bobby & Hillary
Wicklow Gaol (7)
John Richie & Carl Brant

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